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The Arts


Lindenow Primary School places a high value on all students having an opportunity to experience and excel in The Arts. This stimulating program is a critical component of the school’s overall educational and students’ learning experience.



Visual Arts


All students benefit from a superb art room facility and an excellent art program guided by a highly experienced Art Teacher. Weekly art lessons are sixty minutes for the Prep students and ninety minutes for Grades one through to six.

The Visual Art curriculum gives students the opportunity to explore creating and making in the areas of drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, textiles and ceramics.

Our Woodglen Campus has a pottery kiln, which supports the Art ceramics program and makes our school one of only a few primary schools in the area to have such extensive facilities.

Students’ creative and colourful artworks feature throughout the school grounds in the form of murals and totems.  At Lindenow Primary School there is a strong culture of celebrating visual arts in the community by participating in annual art shows and events.


Annual Production


Our Annual Production and Lindenow Has Talent events allow students to sing, dance and act in a variety of performance-based disciplines. Students also get the opportunity to enjoy the presentations of visiting performing artists which may include musical, dance, instrumental or cultural presentations on various occasions during the school year.

Through the Arts, students learn to communicate their feelings, ideas and experiences about themselves and their world.

This ability to communicate through the Arts is valued by all cultures and societies and nurtures innovative and strong communities.

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