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Our Curriculum


Lindenow Primary School uses The Victorian Curriculum F-10 to develop and implement programs in the following areas:

  • Mathematics – Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, Statistics and Probability

  • English – Reading and Viewing, Writing, Speaking and Listening

  • History

  • Science


Teachers at Lindenow Primary School have worked collaboratively to create a ‘KidSpeak’ document based on The Victorian Curriculum F-10. This document outlines learning outcomes and curriculum areas in a ‘child-friendly’ language that students can easily understand.

Numeracy and Literacy are the core learning areas, with other subjects such as Health and the Humanities supplementing student development.

At Lindenow Primary School we firmly believe in teaching the individual. We endeavour to cater for individual learning styles and needs, taking into account the personal strengths, weaknesses and interests of each child.

There is a strong emphasis on building Literacy skills in Prep to Grade 2, particularly in the area of reading. To ensure a solid literacy foundation, strategies such as one-to-one support, an excellent take-home reader program and the opportunity to work with a Speech Pathologist are provided to students.




Physical Education

All students receive a timetabled specialist Physical Education lesson each week. The lessons involve warming up, skills development, games and warm-down stretching. Activities included in PE program are – athletics, cross country, tennis, jump rope, dance, gymnastics, badminton, golf, cricket, lawn bowls, soccer, netball, hockey and swimming.

Clinics such as Kanga Cricket 8s and 6s, AFL 9s, Hockey 7s and Tennis Bairnsdale are run by sporting organisations and included in the PE program throughout the year.

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