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Lindenow Primary School has an ‘open door’ policy, where parents are encouraged to make time to visit the school, look at the facilities and meet the staff and students.

At Lindenow Primary School we have a very successful transition program. Staff and parents work closely together to facilitate a smooth transition for students moving from Kindergarten to Primary, Primary to Secondary and also for students transferring to another school due to family relocation.


Prep Transition

The Prep transition program takes place every year in Term 4, with all children who are enrolling in Prep for the following year invited to participate. This program consists of three visits to the school where children enjoy a variety of learning activities within a classroom environment. A parent information session and morning tea is also held as part of the transition program. This provides parents with an opportunity to complete enrolment documents, ask any questions they may have and take an in-depth look around the school.


Secondary School Transition

Students moving on from Primary to Secondary School also participate in an excellent transition program. Teachers and parents of students transitioning from Grade 6 to Year 7 work closely with the local secondary schools in the area to ensure the process of moving on is as smooth as possible. Students themselves participate in several orientation days where they attend their future school and have the opportunity to meet their teachers and make new friends in a supportive environment.


School to School Transition

Lindenow Primary School also supports the transition of students between schools. In the event of a student transferring to another school, teachers and support staff who have worked closely with that child will communicate with staff at the new school to share information, ideas and strategies that will help support the student.

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