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​The Woodglen Campus



The Woodglen School/ Campus is located ten kilometres from the township of Lindenow. The campus is nestled in the beautiful and peaceful area known as Woodglen. A small rural school established in 1903 located in the highly productive Mitchell River Valley. In 2009 Woodglen and Lindenow Primary Schools became one school.


The Woodglen Campus has become an integral element in the school’s outdoor education program.  With excellent facilities including sport and play equipment, shower and toilet block, camping equipment/tents, a full kitchen and fruit trees, the campus has become a perfect setting for local overnight school camps and full-day activities programs that focus on a ‘hands-on learning experience.’

During the school year every student has the opportunity to participate in various learning activities at Woodglen including;  Years 2/3 one night sleepovers,  Grade 4 three day camps, full-day activities programs and students participating in a buddies program with the Woodglen Play Group.

The idyllic Woodglen setting ensures a peaceful, active learning experience for all students.

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