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Our School Values


School Values


Children learn in a positive environment, which encourages cooperation, risk-taking and effective communication between teachers, students and peers. Children in this environment are encouraged to develop positive self-esteem, work cooperatively with others, and take pride in their school, their work and their community.

Our six core school values are:

  • A Student first Philosophy

  • High Expectations

  • Shared Responsibility

  • A sense of Community

  • Respect, Trust & Honesty

  • Building Resilience


School Captains

School Captains are chosen from the Year Six students to represent students and the school. Staff members and students are part of the elections process. Candidates are required to present campaign speeches and be interviewed by the school principal.


Junior School Council & House Captains

Two children from each grade represent students on our Junior School Council. 

These children are responsible for promoting school values, organising charity fundraisers, and voicing various suggestions from fellow students. 

Lindenow has four Houses: Walpa (red), Wuk Wuk (blue), Calulu (yellow) & Woodglen (green) with senior children holding positions of Captain and Vice-Captain for each house.  Children are encouraged to wear their house colours at school-based sporting events.  Points are awarded for each house during our athletics with the winning house being engraved onto the trophy.

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